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April 26 2017

No, I’m not ok. But I haven’t been ok since I was 11, maybe 12. I am still here though.
I’m still breathing. For me, sometimes, that will have to be enough.
— Clementine von Radics (via perrfectly)
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I have crossed the horizon to find you. I know your name.

Okay but legitimately… this scene is so powerful in some beautifully subtle ways…

One of the tricks that filmmakers use to give an audience visual cues is that when somebody is in a position of power they walk from left to right - because that is the direction Westerner’s read, so it’s how we naturally view everything - and when somebody is in a place of weakness they walk right to left.
It’s why when there’s a battle, the people who are going to win ALWAYS come from the left.

But this… Moana is coming from the right, and Teka is coming from the left. The water behind Moana is pale, while the water behind Teka is bright and vibrant - the bright blue and orange overpowering the pale blue and tan.

All of the visual cues are putting Moana in a place of weakness.

All of the visual cues are telling us that Moana is not going to win.

But that’s the strength of Moana…
All throughout the movie she questions why the ocean chose her, and I think this very beautifully spells it out.
She wasn’t chosen because she put a turtle into the ocean, or because she’s the daughter of the village chief, or because she’s descended from voyager.

The reason the ocean chose her is because when you put her in a position of weakness she will always turn that into a strength.
The reason the ocean chose her is because she won’t back down when things are impossible, when the odds are against her, and when everything around her is signalling her imminent defeat.

Only a very special person could be so completely overpowered, and still be stronger than everything around her.

#this was so *chef kiss* to read

April 25 2017

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D.Va one, bad guys zero.



how do people leak songs
where do they come from
what are you

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this is all i could visualize

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Some easter eggs from Disney’s Moana

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Some easter eggs from Disney’s Moana

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lol full offense but stop policing how frequently bisexuals date either genders. just cause i’ve dated 5 girls back to back doesn’t make me a lesbian, just like another bisexual woman who has dated 5 men back to back doesn’t make her straight. being bisexual means the person has the potential to be attracted to more than one gender and that’s it. what they do with it is their business so just let us live for crying out loud let us live.

“ 5 girls back to back doesn’t make me a lesbian “

Kinda makes it likely that you are more into girls than guys tho’.

Guys are much more available as partners for women unless they are quite unattractive.

But let’s imagine it was exactly equal that you would select a girl or a guy - that their sex genuinely was irrelevant, and that there was no difference in availability.

I’m rusty at maths, but from memory, the chance it’s coincidence is

(1/(2^5)) *100%

= (1/32) *100%

=  0.03125  *100%


Feel free to correct my maths - it’s been about 35 years now since i did probability.

But if i was a betting man - i’m going to say my money is going to be on a woman for your next partner.

Maybe you are a lesbian, and maybe dudes need to know that so they don’t get hurt? Just a thought.


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What did we do to deserve Bill Nye

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The bull whose testes get rubbed for luck? Symbolic?

…Ok but Fearless Girl is literally a marketing ploy and the Charging Bull was meant to symbolize American perseverance ABC excellence without regard for gender. Like. He has a point.

I recommend this read to understand the full scope of the situation: 

‘Seriously, The Guy Has a Point’

No really read it because what is being said has nothing do with gender but rather about the fact that the bull was created by an guerrilla artist who put it there with out permission and it stayed because the people loved it and the girl who was created as marketing ploy by a trillion dollar company.

And it was commissioned to be presented on the first anniversary of State Street Global’s “Gender Diversity Index” fund, which has the following NASDAQ ticker symbol: SHE. And finally, along with Fearless Girl is a bronze plaque that reads:

Know the power of women in leadership. SHE makes a difference.

Note it’s not She makes a difference, it’s SHE makes a difference. It’s not referring to the girl; it’s referring to the NASDAQ symbol

Fearless Girl also changes the meaning of Charging Bull. Instead of being a symbol of “the strength and power of the American people” as Di Modica intended, it’s now seen as an aggressive threat to women and girls — a symbol of patriarchal oppression.

In effect, Fearless Girl has appropriated the strength and power of Charging Bull. Of course Di Modica is outraged by that. A global investment firm has used a global advertising firm to create a faux work of guerrilla art to subvert and change the meaning of his actual work of guerrilla art. That would piss off any artist.

The addition literally changes the way people see his art piece. Ask any artist how they would feel if someone added something to their art that changed the meaning people derive from it and I guarantee you they’ll be pissed. 

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Here is a video of me drop kicking a tracer in the face









I’m going to rewrite the harry potter series and it’s going to be called Hermione Granger and The Glorious Glock where she gets a gun and shoots voldemort through the skull and then everyone is free to continue their education in peace. It’ll be 3.5 pages long. 

they’re in Great Britain
where in the world is an 11-year-old black girl going to get a gun

the store

Britain isn’t America. You can’t just walk into a random supermarket and buy a ton of guns. In fact, a gun is several hundred pounds each due to you needing to have a separate license for each one. Then you also need to have it where no one could accidentally find it and if anyone apart from you knows where the gun is, you lose your license and gun. I think it has to be locked up in a position no one will ever find it in.

Pretty much, an eleven year old kid is not gonna get a gun in Britain.

she goes to a wizard school with a three headed dog in the broom closet.

Hermoine isn’t black???

Yes she is, page 1 line one of Hermione Granger and the Glorious Glock reads “Hermione Granger took her black ass to school” nice try racist. 

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this post is driving me insane. what the fuck was this person actually sending that student because they obviously edited in the word “pants” and that picture of pants. why pants. what the fuck


this is my favourite meme and up until this moment i legit didnt even think this wasnt the original. i. i didnt even think this was edited. how could i have been so dumb



denny’s on tumblr: bae fam af tho

denny’s on wikipedia: eight paragraphs in the “discrimination controversies” section

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i’m breaking out into a fucking fever over this person roleplaying an infant found by tony stark on twitter 



i’m an introvert but i’m extra



“some people have it worse than you” ok thanks Becky I still have depression

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yall omg

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